Health, Safety and Environmental

Alpine is committed to operating responsibly and ensuring that the highest standards in health, safety and environmental are consistently and rigorously implemented. Alpine is committed to the long-term protection of the environment, both above and below ground, and to minimising the environmental impact of its activities.

Alpine works only with appropriately qualified and experienced contractors. In the case of drilling contractors, Alpine will select contractors who meet the standards of international best practice in all aspects of health, safety and environmental.

Alpine’s operations are regulated by national and EU environmental laws and regulations, and subject to regular inspection by the appropriate authorities.

Environment and the Community

Alpine is also committed to transparency in its operations, and to sharing information with interested members of local communities. Thus:

  • Alpine has committed to complete the preliminary EIA process before drilling any exploration well, even though it is not required to do so by law
  • Alpine will make the design for each well available for inspection by members of the local community
  • During well operations, members of the local community will be able to visit the well location at agreed times, and to put questions about the conduct of operations to the person in charge

If AOG makes a discovery and proceeds to apply for a production licence over the discovery, then a full environmental impact assessment will be conducted as part of that process.

AOG is also committed to supporting the local community and economy and will, wherever possible, (a) invite local contractors and suppliers to tender for work (although a number of specialised oilfield services are not currently provided by Slovak contractors), and (b) seek to hire local staff. AOG will develop an active community engagement policy involving support for local projects and causes, in consultation with members of local communities.

The full text of Alpine’s commitment to local communities can be found here.