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Alpine Oil & Gas to apply for preliminary EIA approval

Following discussions with local community groups (VLK – organisation for forest protection, and various stakeholders), Alpine Oil & Gas has committed to observe certain key principles in the conduct of its operations in north-eastern Slovakia, in order to promote trust and confidence and hence a productive working relationship with local communities.

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Termination of lawsuit relating to access road at Smilno

The lawsuit between Alpine OIl & Gas and Marianna Varjanová has been terminated. Mrs. Varjanová, one of the owners of the access road which leads to the location of drilling in Smilno is – according to the law – not allowed to prevent use of the road.

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Construction work at well near Smilno continues

Following the extension of its exploration licenses, work on the first exploration well near Smilno in Prešovský Kraj will resume in the coming days. Preparatory works and subsequent drilling will be implemented in accordance with applicable laws and regulations of the Slovak Republic and should take approximately two months.

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Construction work on first exploration well near Smilno

Alpine Oil & Gas has commenced location construction works in connection with the drilling of the AOG Smilno-#1 exploration well, targeting natural gas. If successful, any natural gas produced will be supplied to the regional gas transmission and distribution network. If the well is unsuccessful, the location will be reinstated to its previous condition and returned to agricultural use.

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